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Updated: Apr 25

Dub is appearing in guest spots on some great podcasts. Please check them out when you have the time or inclination, support the podcasters, and bookmark this post for updates.

Recently Released

What comes after "all in"? Host Paul Granger and I explore the reality that we can be authentically "all in" for Jesus, and then... not. Through my story, we explore the journey of a relationship with Christ that extends beyond the initial "yes", and how we can learn what it really means to be "all in" for him, even amidst doubt and hardship. Is God inviting you to a deeper commitment?

Click on the button below to listen to the audio only podcast episode hosted by Catherine and Michael Brown.

The exclusive home of interviews with Kansas City-based Podcaster Joe Dimino. Featuring folks from all over the world in art, music, medicine, technology, writing and beyond.

Coming Soon

Also Available

Dub is a guest on Faithfully Engaged. It's not just another podcast; it's a call to action. Hosted by Johnny Sanders, this podcast is about taking proactive steps to engage our world for positive change. Johnny interviews guests actively shaping our culture. Instead of succumbing to despair, they're making a difference. Watch the new episode out now.

Dub had an interesting and insightful conversation with the host, Dr. Ed Slover. Check out Episode #78 of the It's Not My Credit to Take Podcast - "Scripture Speaks for Itself"

The CVS podcast created and hosted by David Ross began with the first inter-faith dialogue/interview which was recorded in 2016 behind the beautiful urban monastery of the Fraternité Monastique de Jérusalem, in Montréal, Canada. CVS is short for Catholic Versus (Catholic vs.) because the initial inspiration was to compare and contrast Catholicism with other worldviews. David and I had a fun and lively dialogue about the Church at large in all its various forms.

This was Dub's first podcast appearance and boy; it is a barn burner. You might want to put on your fireproof suit before you watch. Seriously though, The Bible Says What!? is a podcast and YouTube channel that features the atheist host’s one-on-one conversations with Bible-believing podcasters, authors, pastors, and religious leaders from across the globe. Join Dub and the host, Michael Wiseman, for a wide-ranging and sometimes hard-hitting dialogue.

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