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My First Book

As I prepare for the official release of my first book on January 16, 2024, this is a good time to update and repost a blog I wrote over a year ago. I had just finished writing the first draft of my book and thought I was nearly done. Little did I know how much more time and effort would go into getting a publishing deal (thank you Morgan James Publishing), rewriting, editing, formatting, submitting, approving, promoting, and so much more that is necessary to get to this point.

Standing on the precipice of the cliff that entails releasing the book to retailers and booksellers I can now look back at this post with fond memories of my blissful ignorance. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to have this book published and have the mechanism to get it into the hands of people that may benefit from the message of faith, hope, and love found in Jesus and His Church. But I also enter this year prayerfully and soberly, humbled by the God who inspired me to do this in the first place. I hope you enjoy the musings of an old newbie.

What Is Church?

What Is Church?

2022 was quite a year. I knew when I retired that one of my assignments was to write this book. It’s based on a sermon series I developed and delivered when I was preaching every Sunday. I mistakenly thought I’d just be updating some of the material, adding a few sections here and there, and BOOM! It would be done. Au contraire.

I’ve heard other authors talk about the hard work that’s involved in writing a book but honestly, I thought this would be easy. I love to write, and the topic is near and dear to my heart. I had already done a great deal of the research and work. How hard could it be? Turns out it is a lot more work than I expected. My hat’s off to anyone that has ever undertaken the task to write and publish a book, be it a novel, non-fiction, inspirational, or other.

Alternate Me
Alternate Me Finishing My Book

Why Is This My First Book?

For years I’ve been telling people I think I have a book or three in me. Well, one down. Now that I better understand the writing process, we’ll see what the future holds. In the meantime, I still need to get this one launched and let people know it is out there. Hopefully people will find it, read it, and get some benefit from it. If you'd be willing to help spread the word, I'd be forever grateful. Then there’s the question of what to do next? I’m taking it one step at a time, praying and asking God for guidance. If you are so inclined, please lift up a prayer or two for me as I try to discern and take the next steps.

What's The Book About?

What Is Church? is an examination of church in all aspects; what it is, what it means to people, the church’s place in history and in the world today. In my estimation, there’s a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge both within Christian circles and in the culture at large. In this book I endeavor to address and clear up some of the questions, misunderstandings, false beliefs, and negative attitudes surrounding the church in an honest, truthful, yet positive manner. I also hope to help those who are wrestling with church and faith, particularly those that have been harmed or discouraged though bad experiences. My friends, it should not be this way.

Relationships & Gratitude

I love Jesus and I love His Church. I liked church as a child but my love for God and people has only grown deeper and stronger as I have matured. Whether you have positive feelings about church or not, I hope this book will bring clarity, peace, joy, and yes, even more love to those in the church, to those looking in from the outside, and to the world we live in. That’s a tall order and I know I am a very imperfect messenger. However, if any of my writing helps you, amuses you, challenges you, and sometimes makes you smile wistfully I will be glad.

As a reader of my blog and hopefully my first book, thank you for considering my thoughts and musings. I hope and pray some of them are helpful to you. I’m honored you choose to spend a few minutes with me. I do not take your time and interest lightly. If you find any value or encouragement in something I share, perhaps there is a spark of the Divine in it. As the Apostle James wrote, “Every good and perfect gift is from God.”

Watch here for more information about the official release date and availability. In the meantime, take care and hang in there. The last few years since COVID have been really strange. Somehow, I don't expect 2024 to make the big picture clearer or better. That's why we need God and one another. Whatever troubles you encounter in life please know; you are never alone. Jesus made sure of that. May the God of all grace and comfort give you peace now and always. I hope to see you in person somewhere, sometime, and here again soon.

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