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What Is Church?

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Dub Karriker White

"I so enjoyed this book and how it challenged my thinking and gave me a true refreshing that I so needed. The timing of this book could not be more perfect. It is a must-read for ANYONE." Barnes & Noble Customer 

"Karriker has written an insightful look at what’s called church today and how it impacts relationships and community worldwide. How do we fit in? How do we mature? How do we act like Christ. Enjoyable and thought provoking." 

Amazon Customer 

Book Reviews

"The best work of ministry is done when no one is looking (but God). The pastors who take the time to visit the sick and attend to their needs, who answer the phone call at home to counsel those going through difficult marriages and give the extra hours to shepherd those who are just coming to faith may not be noticed much this side of heaven, but their reward will be great. Dub is in their company." - James Banks, Pastor, Speaker & Best Selling Author

Speaking Engagements

"I got my autographed copy at a recent book signing event. Started reading it this week. Loving it so far!

Book Signing Attendee

"I enjoyed reading this book. I appreciate the goal to gently challenge readers to engage in the Church. It acknowledges the many flaws of the American church but also pushes the readers to move beyond those flaws to finding a community/family that can exemplify God's love to the world."


Event & Goodreads Reviews

"Whether your experience with the church has brought healing or harm, this book will challenge and inspire you to revisit what God intended the Church to be – Love expressed in community. I personally found healing and hope in the pages of this book. Dive in. I believe you will too." - Heather Mercer, New York Times Best Selling Author

Other Authors

"Dub's experience in churches all over the world has given him a unique perspective that is not limited by denomination, culture, or personal preference. Instead, he lets Scripture speak for itself in explaining who the Church is, how the Church is built, what the Church is supposed to be doing, and what we are ultimately headed toward in the future." - Reader Review

Reader Feedback

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"This is a perfect blend of history and heart, recognizing the present and declaring hope for the future."  

Barnes & Noble Customer 

"Reading the book was like a trip to the chiropractor. It didn't always make me comfortable, but it put me back into alignment with God's Word and His design for the church." - Reader Review

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