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"Since I began this journey as a published author, I have the opportunity to do things I did not anticipate. Writing and editing come naturally to me. Speaking in public is second nature. I've done some recording, radio, and television in the past. However, podcasts and livestreams, with and without video, are a new style that I'm still learning. These increasingly popular methods of communicating and discussing thoughts, ideas, and heart while making new friends and acquaintances not only stretches me; it opens up the world to people and possibilities I never imagined I'd be able to engage before. I love it!"

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On April 19, 2024, Dub's book was featured hourly on a digital billboard in Times Square, New York City.  Dub livestreamed and recorded this early morning segment on Facebook Live. 

If you missed the live event, you could still take part in the excitement around the release and promotion of Dub's book. Dub would like to thank Morgan James Publishing - Faith Division for making this possible!

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What comes after "all in"? Host Paul Granger and Dub explore the reality that we can be authentically "all in" for Jesus, and then... not. Through Dub's story, we explore the journey of a relationship with Christ that extends beyond the initial "yes", and how we can learn what it really means to be "all in" for him, even amidst doubt and hardship. Is God inviting you to a deeper commitment?

Kansas City-based Podcaster Joe Dimino featurs folks from all over the world in art, music, medicine, technology, writing and beyond. On this episode, we talk with Retired Pastor, Business Leader & Author Dub Karriker. He writes for, and works with, individuals, churches, businesses, and nonprofits. Based in Durham, NC, Dub and his wife Pam travel extensively helping oppressed people, churches, and refugees in challenging parts of the world. Dub loves to dialogue with those curious about, struggling with, or hurt by, the church. His new book, What is Church? takes the reader on a fascinating, personal, soul-stirring journey of inquiries and answers that will help you on your own faith journey.


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Are you yearning to uncover the deeper meaning of church, beyond the brick and mortar? We sit down with Dub Karriker to redefine the concept of the church in a way that may forever change how you view your faith journey. Navigate the scriptural blueprint for selecting a church that truly aligns with Jesus' teachings and promotes a Christ-centered community, the importance of humble leadership and the intertwining of love with truth. 

Faithfully Engaged is not just another podcast; it's a call to action. Hosted by Johnny Sanders, it is about taking proactive steps to engage our world for positive change. Johnny interviews guests actively shaping our culture and making a difference. Dub shares some fascinating insights from his experience as a pastor and author. We discuss why Jesus established the church in the first place, what role it should play in believers' lives, and how Christians today often fail to reflect Christ's love. Dub explains all this very clearly and offers practical wisdom. You'll find encouragement to engage more meaningfully with your local church after listening.


Faithfully Engaged - YouTube

Dub Karriker grew up going to church. It was just something he, his family, and his friends did. At the age of 15, during the Jesus Revolution, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ and gave his life to Him. Later, Dub got angry with God, drifted from his faith and sought to negotiate with God saying, "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone." Jesus, however, refused to negotiate. This eventually led Dub into pastoral ministry where he observed accumulated pain and misunderstandings, leaving people to deconstruct their faith or dechurch in the pursuit of the truth and healing. Today, Dub helps people rekindle their trust in Jesus and the church. He is the author of What is Church? Finding the Love of God in the Unique Community of Jesus.


It's Not My Credit to Take: Episode #78: Scripture Speaks for Itself on Apple Podcasts

Episode #78: Scripture Speaks for Itself • It's Not My Credit to Take (

It's Not My Credit to Take - Episode 78: Scripture Speaks for Itself (

The CVS podcast created and hosted by David Ross began with the first inter-faith dialogue/interview which was recorded in 2016 behind the beautiful urban monastery of the Fraternité Monastique de Jérusalem, in Montréal, Canada. CVS is short for Catholic Versus (Catholic vs.). The initial inspiration was to compare and contrast Catholicism with other worldviews. David and Dub had a fun and lively dialogue about the Church in all its various forms.


CVS Live Guest - 2023-10-14 - Dub Karriker - YouTube

This was Dub's first podcast appearance and boy; it is a barn burner. You might want to put on your fireproof suit before you listen and watch. It isn't for the faint of heart. Seriously though, The Bible Says What!? is a podcast and YouTube channel that features the atheist host’s one-on-one conversations with Bible-believing podcasters, authors, pastors, and religious leaders from across the globe. Join Dub and the host, Michael Wiseman, for a wide-ranging, often difficult, and hard-hitting dialogue.


YouTube - Jesus On Earth vs Jesus In Heaven

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