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Welcome to the home of author and speaker Dub Karriker! This is the place to make a personal connection and get information about Dub's book, blog, podcasts, book signings, appearances, events, and speaking engagements. Dub is the author of the acclaimed new book, What Is Church? 

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Dub's new book, 'What Is Church?' is for believers in Jesus as well as those deconstructing their faith, seekers, skeptics, and opponents. Providing a fresh perspective on religion this book informs and helps resolve one's longing for answers, truth, meaning, and belonging.

An informative and emotional exploration for those active in, hurt by, leaving, or curious about the Church.


Makes a great small group study with helpful questions at the end of each chapter!

Available NOW from your favorite bookseller.  



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This book is timely and relevant to the skeptic, the disillusioned and the faithful alike. During a time of upheaval Dub graciously leads us through a deep and interactive exploration of the scriptures and guides us to find our place in God’s glorious story for His people. Whether your experience with the church has brought healing or harm, this book will challenge and inspire you to revisit what God intended the Church to be – Love expressed in community. Filled with relatable anecdotes and practical applications, Dub reminds us, that despite her imperfections, a healthy Church is still hope for a hurting world. I personally found healing and hope in the pages of this book. Dive in. I believe you will too.

Heather Mercer

Co-Author of New York Times Bestseller Prisoners of Hope: The Story of Our Captivity and Freedom in Afghanistan

What is Church? A few years ago, to a Christian that might have seemed an insincere question. Today, our confidence is shattered. The Church has become known for judgmentalism, hypocrisy, and conflict. It’s more than an image problem. In this book Dub Karriker challenges the reader to deconstruct our faltering understanding of the human institution of church so that we may rediscover what is genuine and eternal.

Dr. Bob Kretzu

Pastor and Author

The reported decline of the church is no joke. It is happening in many places around the world today. But why, and what can we do about it? The institution that has stood so long was never supposed to be an institution in the first place! This book addresses the source of the frustrations and disappointments many people experience when they encounter what passes for the church today, by reminding us of what God’s plan for Jesus and His church has been all along. Addressing both biblical and historical contexts, What Is Church? provides hope through a rediscovered and revitalized community of God’s people being who God created us to be.

Lonnie R. Nelson, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy

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